No one can deny that dancing lifts your mood, clears your mind and makes you smile. Aerobic, low impact, and weight-bearing exercise builds strength and stamina, tones your body, and produces a healthy heart and circulation.

Our qualified dance instructor offers group and private classes on many different dance styles, from Latin through to Ballroom. Here is a few details of our most popular classes:


A fantastic introduction to Latin dance as it encompasses many different Cuban dance styles such as Mambo, Pachanga, and Rumba. Coupled with the music genre of the same name, Salsa grew its popularity in New York City during the 1960’s where it incorporated additional dance elements such as swing and tap.


Originating from the Dominican Republic and strongly influenced by Venezuelan and Afro-Cuban music. Traditionally Merengue is very much a partnered couple dance as the pair holds each other in a closed position with the lead holding the follower’s waist and left hand. As with many other Latin dances, the secret is all in the hips! The basic steps may look quite easy at first and are great for open dance if you do not have a partner or are in a group class. However, the real skill and technique comes into play when you are partnered, as the hips both drive and emphasize the intended flow and feel of the dance.


Bachata is a beautiful dance which also originates from the Dominican Republic. Dating back to the early 20th century and derived from the Cuban Bolero the music is very similar. Bachata is very popular around the world now and has introduced other Latin styles to embellish and add extra dimension to the dance. It is a very interactive, sensual and soulful dance that brings energy by incorporating heavy hip-swaying and focuses on lower body movements. It’s a great dance for beginners as it has four basic steps that repeat.

Dance Fitness Training in Khao Lak


If dance classes weren’t fun enough already, how about incorporating them into a fitness class! Our carefully crafted dance fitness sessions are designed to move between low and high intensity dance routines that gradually increase your heart rate and boost your cardio staying power – all whilst learning classic Latin dance moves and styles. A wonderful way to meet new friends, share laughter, and fortify your mind, body and soul!

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