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Do I have to be fit to train at Empire Muay Thai?

Not at all, our training will get you fit in no time at all.

Do I have to get hit?

No. Training is progressive and we cater for people wanting to simply get fit and learn it for self defence reasons. All we ask is that you train with the mind that you are learning to fight and to keep it as real as you can. Our Muay Thai classes should only be attended by people that want to learn Muay Thai, not just to get fit to ensure the quality of our students shines! We offer pure fitness classes incorporating Muay Thai Workouts for people that want the boxing gym workout to simply get fit!

What do I need for my first class?

Shorts and T-shirt, that’s all…. Oh and positive energy!

Do I have to buy my own gear?

For the first two weeks we can supply all you need. For health and safety reasons, you will need your own Boxing Gloves, Bag gloves, Groin Guard, Shin Guards and Gum shield. We have a great range of all gear you need from Thailand, we like to keep it all ‘Thai’ at Empire Muay Thai. And it doesn’t cost the earth to get you set up ready to start your training. It’s not good to share sweat, blood and tears; so your own equipment is necessary.

How old do I have to be?

Juniors 11 years – 15 years old and Adults 16 years and above.

Can females do Muay Thai?

We highly encourage ladies to train Muay Thai.

Can I pay as I go or do I have to go on Direct Debit?

We offer pay as you go and monthly. Training is affordable. The monthly way is a great deal if you want to train more than once a week. It will work out a lot cheaper than paying as you go.

Can I do private one to one training only?

Of course! Reach out to us through the Contact Us Page Here and we can set it up.

Will I get hurt?

If you choose to spar/compete you will for sure get injuries from time to time… it’s Muay Thai!

If I pay monthly can I attend every class?

Yes, of course!

Do I have to come with a friend?

Not at all, coming alone is good; but by all means you can come together with someone.

Can I compete?

We can get you to the competition level and will help you achieve your goals! You do not have to compete but if you do decide to take your Muay Thai all the way to a real ring fight, we can put you into some of the best fighting arenas in Phang Nga and Phuket. Maybe even aiming towards titles!

Is the training hard and physical?

Yes, but we do understand that everyone is different. As long as students leave each class feeling they have achieved for themselves, that’s the main thing we care about. There’s no race nor competition between students at Empire Muay Thai.

Any other questions?

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