Muay Thai Gear and its Importance

Whilst many aspects of Muay Thai training can be completed wearing standard fitness clothing, there are many reasons why certain items are designed the way they are – all of which aid you to perform and practise certain techniques exactly how they should be executed. We encourage you to invest in your gear if you wish to pursue Muay Thai as your key form of fitness training.

Muay Thai Boxing gloves differ slightly from regular boxing gloves as they have additional padding at the top and back of the hand to protect against kicks and elbows. The cuff is shortened to help with hand flexibility during clinches. Along with a few other subtle differences, Muay Thai Boxing Gloves are specifically designed to allow the fighter maximum movement and protection during the many types of offensive and defensive strategies employed during a fight.

Mouth Guard
It would certainly ruin your day if you lost a tooth or two from a wayward elbow during sparring. Mouth Guards are designed to protect from a strike that could cause dental and soft tissue trauma, bone fractures or dislocation, and cuts to the lips. There are many inexpensive options on the market, but paying a little extra for a custom fit one certainly helps with comfort and overall protection.

Okay, so they are quite short compared to what you are used to, but Muay Thai Boxing Shorts are designed that way for good reason. Apart from being very well made and extremely durable, the short leg design is there to allow as much freedom as possible when delivering kicks. Fighters regard the shorts as a vital piece of equipment for correct training and combat. Your opponent will easily find your weaknesses and limitations if they can see your movement is restricted from wearing longer legged shorts.

Skipping Rope
Just a great item to have for anyone keen on keeping fit. Cardio, coordination, and footwork are all improved once you get familiar with the many useful routines available with this low impact, cheap, and effective bit of kit.

Hand Wraps
Hand wraps are a really useful piece of kit whilst training. Apart from making you look cool, the wraps keep your wrists tight which helps reduce the risk of injury during training, and because of the extra cushioning you can throw harder and more frequent punches with less bruising to your fists.

Groin Guard
We don’t think this needs much explaining. Protect yourself at all times!

Having the right gear during training will certainly help you get the most out of your sessions if you are keen to pursue Muay Thai further. The investment and money spent is well worth it and we will be happy to help you choose which equipment suits you and your budget. We have new equipment for you here at Empire Muay Thai.

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