Why Everyone Should Try Dance Fitness

With so many options and fitness training styles available these days you could be forgiven for overlooking dance as a rewarding and effective way to work out. In a world of high-tech and complicated training equipment so often seen in gyms these days, how can the oldest form of self-expression compete?

Obviously, all forms of good exercise are beneficial and we all have different needs, goals, and interests. Dance has been with us since the beginning of mankind and we all naturally react to the positive vibes that music and companionship bring. Here are a few of our favourite reasons why everyone should try dance fitness and adopt it as a regular form of exercise.

Dance fitness is a great full body workout. Dance is really good physical exercise for all your key body areas. Our thoughtfully arranged routines offer a low impact workout that will safely raise your heart rate, burn calories, strengthen and tone muscles, improve balance and coordination.

Dance lifts your mood and wellbeing. Letting go of the day’s frustrations and allowing your body to just flow with the music releases the tensions held within and brings fun and peace to your day. The benefits of moving freely without judgement from others and just enjoying the moment lifts your mood, clears your thoughts and lowers stress and anxiety.

Dance fitness makes You Smarter. Well, it might not help you solve complex equations, but by learning and repeating choreographed moves and routines your brain does get some useful exercise and this will help improve your recall and ability to learn new skills in many areas of your life going forward.

Dance helps you Connect with Others. By joining one of our group classes you will make new friends, laugh, and connect with others in a unique way. By opening up and letting loose in front of others we all create bonds and connections that regular exercise forms may not allow for. Recent restrictions on our movement and social engagements have limited our opportunities for group bonding. Dance gives us the freedom to rediscover those around us and enjoy the fun of learning something new together.

Dance fitness is great fun! Many of us give up on working out purely because it is not fun or engaging enough. Dance Fitness classes are fun, engaging, and effective. What could be better than learning something new, reducing stress, making friends, and lifting your mood, all whilst giving your body a great workout that will boost your body confidence and self-awareness.

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